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$55 Per Hour Las Vegas Electrician
    Affordable Rate of $55 per Hour*
  • Fast Professional Service
  • Attention to Detail
  • Up Front Pricing
  • Expert Troubleshooting
*2 hour minimum. High rise services not available in this area. Pricing for services
rendered by a state contractor will be provided by that contractor

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 If you are in need of an affordable Las Vegas electrician, look no further. We charge less than half of what other Las Vegas electricians will charge.

With Affordable Las Vegas Electrician, you will receive the same level of service you would get with other electricians charging you $110-$140 per hour. Affordable Las Vegas Electrician is your one stop source for affordable home maintenance needs.

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  • August 22, 2011

    Affordable Las Vegas Electrician is a fantastic electrician at an unbelievable price. He performed both a challenging install and fixed a half-dozen electrical issues we were having - in less than half a day. He cleaned up so well after himself, if not for all the improvements, we wouldn't have known he was there. He will be the ONLY electrician we call in the future.

    – Glenn 

  • August 22, 2011

    Over the years, we have had many electricians in our home but none as competent. I can’t recommend him enough! Last year, we did a major kitchen remodel in our 1964 tract home. Imagine a home that was built before dishwashers, beverage coolers, convection ovens, microwaves, computers, and big screen televisions! Over the years, we have had many breakers ‘trip’ due to overloaded circuits. After rerouting the wiring so that it ‘made sense’, He was able to hook up all of our new appliances on their own circuits. Since then, we have had no tripped breakers!

    In addition to rerouting our wiring, They installed recessed lighting in our dining area, bar area, and new kitchen. They also installed under cabinet lighting in the kitchen and bar area.

    For task lighting, he analyzed not only our needs but how the lighting would look. He installed 2 decorative pendant lights over the peninsula. He ran through several scenarios before determining the height of the pendants to make sure that they would work well whether we were seated or standing around the counter. It is his acute attention to even the smallest details that sets him above anyone else we have had work on our home!

    Several months after the completion of our kitchen remodel, we had our fireplace redone. We loved our kitchen recessed lighting so much that we had them back to install lighting that would showcase our new fireplace, plus supply our long, narrow living room with some much needed lighting. By matching the ‘can’ size and placement with our lighting requirements, once again, Their attention to detail provided stunning results.

    He not only does superior work but he is meticulous, courteous, and respectful of the homeowner and their property. His knowledge when it comes to installation, equipment options, requirements, and design make it a pleasure to work with him.

    We are so fortunate to have them as our electrician and can’t wait to have him back when we start our next project!

    – Sandie, Fountain Valley, CA

  • October 13, 2011

    I contacted Affordable Las Vegas Electrician for some outdoor lighting that we had been wanting to get done in our Las Vegas home.  We scheduled the work. He was prompt efficient . We like the work he did very much and even have done a bit more work. Look forward to using him in the future.

    – John 

Las Vegas Electrician - Recessed Lighting        Las Vegas Electrician - Recessed Lighting    
Rod C.
Eugene, OR
5.0 star rating 

When we need work performed at our Las Vegas vacation home, we usually only have a window of several days when we're in town.  Few things are more frustrating that setting up a service call and then having the person fail to show up.

In this case, Las Vegas Electrician texted me before the scheduled time and said that he was running late.  He asked if it would be ok if we delayed his arrival by two hours.  He added that if it was not ok he would leave the job he was on and then go back after competing our work.

Wow!  Communication; what a concept. He actually contacted me and we discussed a solution.  Why can't other trades people understand the value of that?

When he arrived, Las Vegas Electrician quickly resolved several problems for us and then charged us a fee that I had to look at twice to believe.  He's amazing and we will have him back whenever we need an electrician.

David M.
Las Vegas, NV
5.0 star rating

 Outstanding service and assistance is all I can say about Affordable Las Vegas Electrician.  Thank you for your help!!!

William B.
Northwest, Las Vegas, NV
5.0 star rating
Absolutely amazing. Affordable Las Vegas Electrician redid my down stairs with 8 can lights and it looks great. They were extremely fair priced and professional. The work was done with no dry wall repair needed. I will be using Affordable Las Vegas Electrician for the rest of my home for sure. They also added in a dimmer and made my room perfect. Highly recommend and fairly priced electrician.

Patty E.
Henderson, NV
5.0 star rating

Was prompt, reliable, and knowledgeable electrician. He found the problem immediately and repaired it. VERY reasonable cost. I will be using this company again.
Very highly recommended!
Thank you for your great service. 

Bob L.
Henderson, NV
5.0 star rating

We were very satisfied with Affordable Las Vegas Electrician as our electrician and would use him again. he is very careful and does good work, very good timing and does what he says he is going to do.

Carol S.
Las Vegas, NV
5.0 star rating

Such a relief to find such an honest, hardworking professional that knows what he's doing and one that doesn't charge an arm and a leg! We are SUPER satisfied with Affordable Las Vegas Electrician's work! He installed three pendant lights over our kitchen island and did a beautiful job of it! We will definitely call on him if the need ever arises. We highly recommend him! THANK YOU Affordable Las Vegas Electrician !

Iskra S.
Henderson, NV
5.0 star rating
I had some outlets that were not working in an upstairs loft so I called Affordable Las Vegas Electrician. He was on time, quickly found the problem, showed me what the problem was and then fixed it for less than $100. Will definitely use again.

Electrician Las Vegas - Ceiling Fan InstallationLas Vegas LightingLas Vegas Lighting

We are a network of skilled professionals  made up of the most skilled handymen you will find in the Las Vegas area. If your particular need requires a state licensed contractor I can provide you a referral to someone I have worked with personally.

Questions and Answers

Do I need to hire a state licensed contractor?
The answer to this question can be found in Nevada Revised Statute 624.031 better known as the Handyman exemption

NRS 624.031  Applicability of chapter: Exemptions.  The provisions of this chapter do not apply to:

     1.  Work performed exclusively by an authorized representative of the United States Government, the State of Nevada, or an incorporated city, county, irrigation district, reclamation district, or other municipal or political corporation or subdivision of this State.

     2.  An officer of a court when acting within the scope of his or her office.

     3.  Work performed exclusively by a public utility operating pursuant to the regulations of the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada on construction, maintenance and development work incidental to its business.

     4.  An owner of property who is building or improving a residential structure on the property for his or her own occupancy and not intended for sale or lease. The sale or lease, or the offering for sale or lease, of the newly built structure within 1 year after its completion creates a rebuttable presumption for the purposes of this section that the building of the structure was performed with the intent to sell or lease that structure. An owner of property who requests an exemption pursuant to this subsection must apply to the Board for the exemption. The Board shall adopt regulations setting forth the requirements for granting the exemption.

     5.  Any work to repair or maintain property the value of which is less than $1,000, including labor and materials, unless:

     (a) A building permit is required to perform the work;

     (b) The work is of a type performed by a plumbing, electrical, refrigeration, heating or air-conditioning contractor;

     (c) The work is of a type performed by a contractor licensed in a classification prescribed by the Board that significantly affects the health, safety and welfare of members of the general public;

     (d) The work is performed as a part of a larger project:

           (1) The value of which is $500 or more; or

           (2) For which contracts of less than $500 have been awarded to evade the provisions of this chapter; or

     (e) The work is performed by a person who is licensed pursuant to this chapter or by an employee of that person.

     6.  The sale or installation of any finished product, material or article of merchandise which is not fabricated into and does not become a permanent fixed part of the structure.

     7.  The construction, alteration, improvement or repair of personal property.

     8.  The construction, alteration, improvement or repair financed in whole or in part by the Federal Government and conducted within the limits and boundaries of a site or reservation, the title of which rests in the Federal Government.

     9.  An owner of property, the primary use of which is as an agricultural or farming enterprise, building or improving a structure on the property for his or her use or occupancy and not intended for sale or lease.

Q: Are you able to refer me to a state licensed contractor if I need one?
A: Yes. I can refer you to the most affordable HVAC, Plumbing, Tile and Stone and General Contractors in the Las Vegas area

Q:What types of Handyman Services do you offer?
A: Anything not specifically excluded by state law as listed above in NRS 624.021. In short we can do any job up to $1000 labor and materials provided the job does not require a specialty contractor.

I Am not a State Licensed Contractor. 

Some of the work described in the following customer reviews may have been performed out of state. The scope of our work in the state of Nevada may be limited by state law.

Question and answer

Q. What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire an electrician in Las Vegas?

A. There are many qualified electricians and electrical companies you have to choose from. You will be getting the same level of expertise for half the price .

Q. Why does your electrical work stand out from other Las Vegas electricians?

A. What sets my work apart from other electricians is my attention to detail. I make it a point to get regular feedback to ensure I am exceeding my customers expectations.

Q. What do you like most about being an electrician?

A. What I like most about being an electrician is that no two jobs are the same. I also enjoy working with home owners to make dramatic differences in the looks of their home without high costs.

Q. What questions do customers most commonly ask you? What's your answer?

A. I think I get asked quite often if I've been shocked and my answer is quite often. It goes with being an electrician when you are working on live circuits in order to maintain power to the customers outlets to minimize inconvenience.

Q. What are your most common types of jobs?

A. I do a lot of ceiling fan's and lighting  fixture installation,and a lot of trouble shooting of electrical problems. No two jobs are the same but that is what keeps it interesting.

Q. Describe your most recent project, what it involved, how much it cost, and how long it took.

A. On Labor Day I did a recessed lighting job. We added 7 recessed 6 inch lights in a living room and installed a new ceiling fan. The entire job took about 8 hours.



by Lisa- Las Vegas, NV
I had the Affordable Las Vegas Electrician over to my home for 3 full days working on a long punchlist of electrical issues. He is a great problem solver with excellent communication. Very honest, professional and always on time. It is so hard to find good, trustworthy, affordable contractors in this town. I only wish he was a plumber and landscaper, too! He hung our flatscreen over the fireplace and installed about a dozen light fixtures. The house looks so much better! Would surely call him again and recommend to all who are looking for quality work done in a timely manner.

by Rick- Las Vegas, NV

 He completed the job in less time than he originally estimated and the quality of his work was outstanding. He showed me the receipt with the items he purchased at Home Depot and did not charge anything extra.
I will definitely be using him for any of my electrical needs in the future and I highly recommend him to all of you who are looking for a professional and honest electrician.

Your Affordable Las Vegas Electrician

Beware of Hidden Electrical Dangers in Your Home
Call a qualified electrician or your landlord if you have:
• Frequent problems with blowing fuses or tripping circuit breakers
• A tingling feeling when you touch an electrical appliance
• Discolored or warm wall outlets
• A burning or rubbery smell coming from an appliance
• Flickering or dimming lights
• Sparks from an outlet
 Inspect your home for hidden electrical hazards.
Check electrical cords to make sure the wires are not damaged, cracked or loose. If the cords need to be repaired, take the item to a professional repair shop, hire an electrician or replace with a new item.
Make sure cords are not running across doorways or under carpets.
If they are, have a qualified electrician install more outlets.
 Keep children away from electric cords and outlets. Cords placed in the mouth can cause a burn and objects placed in a receptacle can cause a shock, burns or electrocution.
 Make sure that all receptacle outlets and switches have faceplates.
 Never put more than one plug in each receptacle. An outlet may have one or more receptacles — one to receive each plug.
 Be sure that the bulbs in your lights match what is safe for the lamp. There should be a sticker that indicates the maximum wattage for the light bulb — such as use maximum of a 60 watt bulb.
 Light bulbs in the living area of your home, including closets, should have a shade or globe for protection. Light bulbs can get very hot and cause a fire if something that can burn is too close.
 Ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) reduce the risk of shock by shutting off an electrical circuit when the circuit could be a shock hazard. Your home should have GFCIs in the kitchen, bathroom(s), laundry, basement, garage, and outdoor areas.
 Heat producing appliances such as a toaster, coffee maker, iron or microwave oven draw a lot of electricity.
Plug only one heat producing appliance in each outlet to prevent wiring from overheating.
 Buy only appliances that have the label of a recognized testing laboratory.
 Arc-fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) protect against fire by monitoring the electrical current in a circuit and shutting off the circuit when unintended arcing occurs. AFCIs should be installed in your home. If not, have a professional electrician install them for you.
 Keep ladders away from overhead power lines, including the electrical service into your home.
Think Green! Turn off lights when you are not in the room. Unplug appliances when not in use.

Find electrician jobs in Nevada at GetElectricianJobs.com/Nevada
Below is a partial list of available electrician jobs in Las Vegas and other parts of Nevada.  Please visit the link to get more details on each position available

If you aren't an electrician, but would like to become one, you can get started in a number of ways. One way is to enroll in an electrical apprenticeship program. In an apprenticeship program, you work and study for several years while gaining experience in the electric field. Click here for information about electrician apprenticeship programs in Las Vegas, NV
You can also start by going to a trade school for electricians in Las Vegas. There are a number of great trade schools located in and around Las Vegas. Click here to find a trade school for electricians in Las Vegas
Some electricians get their start by finding a job as an electrician's helper that requires no experience or training. But experience and study of electrical theory and the National Electrical Code (NEC) are necessary for the next step - becoming a journeyman or certified electrician, an electrician who can work without immediate supervision.

We are currently fully staffed but you may submit your resume to masonelectrical120@gmail.com.

We have an opening for a full time licensed Electrician. Applicants must hold credentials necessary to complete electrical work in... Carson City, NV 11.03.14

is valued? Apply to be an electrician today. Electricians are currently needed in both residential and commercial buildings. Skill... US 11.01.14

Electrician Aerotek is currently seeking an experienced individual for an Electrician position. The hiring company is a mining c... Reno, NV 11.03.14

Electrician Clear Channel Outdoor is the world's largest outdoor advertising company with close to one million displays in over... Reno, NV 11.03.14

Electrician Responsibilities as follows: Assists in operating, maintaining and repairing plant systems such as water, compress... Las Vegas, NV 11.02.14

Electricians / Signing Bonus
Electrician Job Job Requirements Journeymen Electricians and Apprentice Electricians with 3 years experience required. Read... Las Vegas, NV 10.09.14

ELECTRICIANS - Training Available
is valued? Apply to be an electrician today. Electricians are currently needed in both residential and commercial buildings. Skill... US 11.01.14

ELECTRICIAN - Training Opportunities Available
your hands, a career as an electrician may be right for you! Electricians install and maintain electrical... Keywords: electrician... US 10.31.14

We are currently looking to fill a Full Time Electrician position here in our Clear Channel Outdoor office in Reno, NV. To view th...  Las Vegas, NV 11.03.11

91D Power-Generation Equipment Electrician
be preparing yourself for a rewarding civilian career as a power plant electrician. Earn while you learn Get paid to learn! In t...  Las Vegas, NV 10.29.11

Apprentice Electrician
Apprentice Electrician! This Apprentice Electrician... Electrician will be installing cable tray, tray cable, and running conduit.... Henderson, NV 10.18.11

Las Vegas Electrician
We are looking for a full time Electrical Electrician that has basic knowledge of 3-Way switches, attic fans; ceiling fans, circui... Las Vegas, NV 10.15.11

Las Vegas Electrician (Solar)
is in need of a journeyman electrician and a 3rd or 4th year apprentice electrician to perform electrical... inverters etc. The e... Las Vegas, NV 10.21.11

Industrial Electronic Technician
and maintenance of machinery and equipment.Provides electrical support to electricians.Adheres to and promotes electrician safety policies... Reno, NV 10.31.11

Electrician Maintenance Sr
PLEASE NOTE: This position is contingent upon contract award and funding, anticipated November 1, 2011. This is electrician Worker i... US 10.31.11 Las Vegas, NV


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"Your Affordable Las Vegas Electrician"

Serving the entire Las Vegas valley including Summerlin, Henderson, Green Valley, Anthem, Southern Highlands, Lake Las Vegas, Mountains Edge, Centennial, North Las Vegas and Boulder City.

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